Trompe L’Oeil - Is a French term used in specialist painting – meaning to fool the eye. It refers to paintings on walls or ceilings which usually create the illusion of space such as using windows and arches etc. We can recommend schemes to suit your space. Here are examples of some simple but effective designs on walls to more complicated landscapes and architectural features.
Formal gardens Trompe L'Oeil viewed through arches on 3 x canvasses

This was a painting done by Fiona MacKenzie, Artist for a private palace dining room. View extends onto a formal landscaped garden and mountains in the distance to give impression of space in room. Painting extends to 4.5 metres in width.

Trompe L'Oeil at Private Palace, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Private residential project
Mythological creature mural

The three dimensional quality, bold design and bright colour make for a very dramatic statement painted directly on wall in a gastronomical commercial food outlet with mythological winged creature based on ancient Persian designs.
Emirates Towers
Five star hotel
Dubai, UAE
Commercial project
Classical Trompe L'Oeil mural design with lion and statue.

This is a large and effective Trompe L’Oeil on wall. The landscape is balanced by a bold architectural lion and a delightful statue on right hand side. The artist also painted the colourful blockwork on wall around design to make for a colourful and interesting effects.

Entrance hall Restaurant
Commercial project
Sydney, Australia
Morroccan arches Trompe L'Oeil

This fun Trompe l'oeil mural on walls really gives the impression of a window looking onto Morrocan view. It adds atmosphere and fun to this private bathroom. Painted by Artist, Fiona MacKenzie.

Mural in bathroom
Villa Jumeirah,
Dubai, UAE
Private Residential project
Large Ammonite Spa Dome

This unusual design looks very impressive – especially in situ – with the illusion of fossil centre – literally receding in Spa Dome. It enhances this exclusive spa and fossil design is also repeated in stone on spa walls. Actual texture was added also to design. Painted by Artist, Fiona MacKenzie and assistant.

Health Spa dome
Health Spa
Le Reve Apartments,
Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE
European capital landmarks mural on walls

This was part of a large design for walls of hotel restaurant. There are various European capital landmarks featured punctuated with classical use of Fleur de Lys shape which contributes to feel of restaurant. Painted by Artist, Fiona MacKenzie.

Murals in Restaurant 'Bistro -Bistro"
Ramada Plaza, Four star Hotel
Doha, Qatar
Classical Trompe L'oeil Fountain on canvas for wall

This large painting, Two metres fifty in height shows an antique marble fountain surrounded by aged stonework. The marble has 3 dimensional pitmarks intended to age piece. The water from fountain adds to realism of painting.

Reception area
Private commercial project
Dubai, UAE
Detail of wildlife children’s mural on walls

This small detail shows a life sized squirrel sitting on top of a door frame in this childrens bedroom mural. Other details included butterflies and mice running in various parts of the room giving a light and whimsical touch to bedroom walls.

Trompe L'Oeil detail above doorway
The Palm
Dubai, UAE
Private residential
Personalised Secret Garden on metal door

Client wanted personalised design, so various statues were included in overall Trompe L'Oeil reflecting personal places and culture that was important to them. Each individual leaf was hand painted on hedges.

Trompe L'Oeil at Private Residence
The Palm. Dubai, UAE
Private Residential Project
Classical Sky Trompe ceiling and balustrade in dome

Traditional painted sky effect and classical columns enhance entrance to private residence. MacKenzie was part of a team carrying out work on project.

Entrance Hall Dome, VIP Residence
Dubai, UAE
Private residential project
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